Municipal Services

Our services include design of roads, water, sewer and stormwater networks from inception to close-out stage, which includes:

  • pre-planning
  • planning
  • assessments
  • design (prelim and detailed)
  • tender process and evaluation
  • construction management and monitoring
  • carrying out specialist studies and investigations
  • as well as the preparation and submission of reports embodying preliminary proposals or initial feasibility

* Mechanical and electrical designs are also offered but conducted by affiliated specialists.

Building Civils

Prana Consulting provides building services for industrial, residential, mixed-use and commercial developments, and include the following:

  • earthworks designs
  • roads
  • facade engineering
  • water
  • drainage and plumbing design

* Mechanical and electrical designs are also offered butconducted by affiliated specialists.

Transportation Infrastructure

Our services encompass planning and design of urban and rural roads (both surfaced and gravel) at both municipal and or provincial level; and also internal streets within residential estates, mixed-use, commercial and industrial developments.

  • centreline survey
  • route location
  • borrow pit investigation
  • pavement layer works design
  • geometric design
  • design on high fills and deep cuts
  • hydrology
  • hydraulics for defined and undefined watercourses
  • surface and sub-surface stormwater systems
  • storm-water management and design
  • non-motorised transport infrastructure planning and design
  • traffic impact studies and assessments
  • assessment and designs of intersections/junctions
  • parking design
  • safety assessment

The services include:

* Major hydraulic systems designs are conducted by affiliated specialists.

Water and Sanitation

Our continent has unique and often complex sanitation challenges that require the design of innovative solutions. Therefore, Prana Consulting continuously conducts research into alternative / unconventional technologies which can be manufactured locally.

Water and Sewer

Our services include investigation, planning, designs, and construction management of water and sewer networks in both urban and rural settings. Services include the design of bulk, reticulation as well as audits and assessment management of existing infrastructure.

Water and Waste Water Treatment

We provide comprehensive industrial, municipal and domestic water solutions from conceptual/feasibility stage to execution, commissioning and handover, as well as training on both existing and new systems. The services also include water treatment life cycle management (PLCM) and optimization solutions on existing plant systems.

Our team has experience in the design and operation of:

  • new and existing plants
  • the upgrade of aging treatment infrastructure to applicable standards
  • operation of new and existing plants to ensure that water production quality is achieved and conforms to applicable legislation.

Water Extraction

Prana Consulting is affiliated with a company that holds a patent for Sand Water Extraction (SWE) technology, which efficiently extracts good quality water out of the sand aquifers in riverbeds irrespective of the river’s water levels.

The system offers the opportunity to harness untapped water resources in river aquifers. The system extracts water in times of drought at high and efficient rates, while addressing challenges with common conventional water extraction methods.