Construction Management

Our Services involve:

  • the process of administering the construction contract
  • overseeing and/or inspection of works
  • ensuring works being completed are in compliancewith the requirements of the contract and designsare being correctly interpreted
  • appropriate construction techniques are being utilized

We are experienced in a variety of contracts such as:

  • the General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works (GCC2015)
  • New Engineering Contract family of contracts (NEC3)
  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers family of contracts (FIDIC)
  • Joint Building Contracts Committee family of contracts (JBCC 2000)

Pre-feasibility Studies

Prana Consulting has experience in conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies involving a wide array of engineering projects. The process of a pre-feasibility study involves determining,  analyzing and selecting the best business scenarios for a proposed development from more than several possible cases/scenarios. Aspects such as the suitability of concepts to achieve project objectives, business feasibility in terms of profit generation, identification of risks and challenges, engineering and technical feasibility, costs and long-term viability all form part of the study outcomes.

For construction projects the process often includes accessibility of the project site, availability of resources, probable impact on environment and inhabitants near the site, funding required for the project and its possible source. The result of the study is the identification of the best suited scenario for a proposed development.

Feasibility Studies

Subsequent to a prefeasibility study, a feasibility study is then conducted on the selected option which involves, amongst others, assessing  suitability of the identified location for the proposed development, developing technical feasibility and a business case, and determining the suitability of the proposed development based on a “Needs Analysis”.

The feasibility study will establish whether the project is viable, help identify feasible options and assist in the development of other project documentation such as the business case, project execution plan and strategic brief.