Geotechnical Engineering

Our services include geotechnical investigation for dolomitic and non-dolomitic conditions for the development of:

  • structures
  • bridges
  • housing developments
  • landfill designs, and
  • civil and electrical infrastructure projects

The investigations provide insight into subsurface conditions and their potential impact on a proposed project and also provides foundation recommendations.

The outcome of the investigation highlights conditions that could have an adverse impact on proposed projects which is a crucial risk management tool for clients.

Engineering Geology

We offer a variety of geological services from grassroot exploration to bankable stage. The processes include:

  • due diligence and feasibility studies
  • geological drilling, drill site management and supervision

The explorations are followed by a geological modelling and mineral resource estimation which culminates in a professional report used to interpret the trend, extent and size of the ore-body of interest. We also compile competent persons reports (CPR) in the interest of investors.

Occupational Health and Safety

Services offered include:

  • the preparation and enforcement of policies to establish a culture of health and safety in the workplace and on site
  • evaluating practices and formulating company policies and procedures
  • preparation of method statements and risk assessments
  • risk management, planning and identification
  • planned task observations
  • records and documentation
  • conducting training and toolbox talks
  • compliance to OHS Act
  • development of health and safety files
  • preparation and implementation of Baseline Risk Assessments
  • executing health and safety plans

Structural Integrity Assessments

Services include conducting engineering investigation into and the determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges and other constructed facilities.  It involves a process of determining the reliability of an existing structure to carry current and future loads and fulfil the task for a given time period. The assessments include conducting structural monitoring, periodic measurement of displacements, strains, stresses and forensic investigation into damage on a structure.  The findings from the assessment provide guidance into recommendations for suitable remedial designs and precautionary measures to be implemented.